Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles met over 20 years ago and bonded instantly over a shared love of dark humor, concert-going and unique fashion sensibility. They first plotted their knitwear designs as roommates in New York City, where right-handed Alyce learned how to knit from left-handed Jaqui. Each of their creations is a marriage & celebration of their individual styles.

Alyce Benevides, the middle child of a conservative Roman Catholic family, was raised in suburban New Jersey. A talented fine artist from early childhood, Alyce grew to express her creativity and individuality through hand-painted denim & leather jackets. Her strict upbringing did nothing to curb her love of punk rock music & avant-garde fashion. After studying fine art and French Literature in college, her rebellious & independent spirit landed her in New York City. She resides in Brooklyn with her photographer husband Rob their two cats Zorg and Gulliver. Alyce continues to draw inspiration from punk rock and new wave music and has a strange fixation with cute yet creepy imagery. In addition to designing and knitting, she enjoys photo assisting and styling, illustration, doll making, and video games.

Jaqueline Milles was born abroad, as an Army brat. She spent her early childhood in both Iran and Germany, where she was taught to knit in the first grade. As a teenager, she moved to the States where she discovered a love for fashion, hair dye, make-up and pop music. These days, she's also a special events planner in New York City. She knits everywhere on the go, happy her needles also serve as self-defense devices. Her Middle Eastern background fills her with a love for bold colors and geometric designs, while her German side keeps her ideas simple, practical and knit-able. Jaqui divides her time between the manic pace of New York City and tranquility of rural upstate New York, a perfect combination for inspiration and knitting.